New movie roadshow

13 June 2019
documentary movement

After a successful first movie (that reached 324 villages and about 200,000 people in the Dodoma region in Tanzania), it’s time for a follow-up! We’re going back to the villages in Dodoma with a new road show.

In Kisiki Hai I we introduced the farmers to the regreening technique Kisiki Hai (translated from Swahili: living stump), in the second part a clear sequel in which we go deeper into the techniques and where we can already show the first success stories.

A film by Justdiggit and LEAD Foundation
Directed by Wild Tree Video Productions

The traveling cinema in Tanzania

04 April 2018
documentary movement project

Our ‘Kisiki Hai’ caravan about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has been traveling around Central Tanzania for one month already, and in two months’ time it will visit 60 villages.

Today it is Iyumbwi village’s turn! The film inspires and activates farmers how they can re-green their land and make their land suitable to grow food again. Have a look here on how the whole village gets together!

Behind the scenes: film recording in Tanzania

10 January 2018
documentary movement project

As we drive up the last part of the hill after a bumpy ride with the car, we see a few people rushing in our direction with some plastic chairs. The big family (including pig, goats, chickens and cows) already expected us and welcomes us with big smiles, curious looks and ..  chairs to sit on. I am immediately moved by their hospitality! We meet a young farmer (and his proud father) who becomes the main character of a film. A film by and for farmers in the Dodoma region with the ultimate goal: improving the soil and re-greening the land!… View the images ->

Premiere action documentary Follow The Wind

24 November 2017
documentary media

A mission that took Kiteboarder Jerrie van de Kop, Eyeforce , Red Bull, Merrell and Justdiggit from the tropical island of Zanzibar to the snowy peaks of the Kilimanjaro! Here you see the documentary ‘Follow the Wind‘ which was released on Red Bull TV today.

Follow The Wind is a project in which kiteboarder Jerrie van de Kop follows the wind cycle between the warm waters of the Indian ocean and the snowy peaks of the Kilimanjaro. He will traverse between the island of Zanzibar and the Kilimanjaro using the wind as his only power source. With this project Jerrie is trying to raise awareness for the ecological threats to this region, and the planet in general.

Starring Jerrie van de Kop – Kiteboarding
Presented by Merrell & Red Bull TV

Documentary Rainmakers

30 December 2016
documentary movement

Our short documentary “Rainmakers” is online! This short video shows the project in progress, digging 72.000 bunds to harvest rainwater and restore the degraded lands.

A special thanks to our partners Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and Amboseli Ecosystem Trust who made this possible. And to Safi Graauw and Marc Haers for making this beautiful docu with us!

The man who wanted to change the world

14 October 2016

Yesterday Human broadcasted a documentary on Dutch television made by independent film maker Mariëtte Faber about Peter Westerveld, co-founder of Justdiggit. The documentary shows Peter’s idea of the Hydrologic Corridor and his way towards executing it. Unfortunately Peter has passed away, but with our projects in Kenya and starting projects in Tanzania we are still carrying his thoughts and are aiming to keep the snow on the Kilimanjaro.

Read the story about the history of Justdiggit


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