Buy your own Justdiggit blanket!

09 March 2021

Last Friday our brand new partner VOITED launched a special Justdiggit blanket. The exclusive design is inspired by our projects and shows that everyone can start regreening, just by picking up a shovel! Made of 100% recycled material, this Justdiggit blanket will keep you warm during the coldest outdoor camping nights while dreaming of a greener earth.   


Digitally reaching millions of farmers with our new partner: KaiOS!

25 February 2021

We are excited to have started a collaboration with KaiOS that enables us to bring our Regreening skills to the phones of farmers. With KaiOS as our new partner, we can scale up regreening and at the same time close the digital divide!

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Highlights 2020

29 December 2020
partners movement project

2020 is almost over and… what a year it has been! Despite the challenges this year brought along, we have many highlights to share with you nonetheless! For instance: we dug 14,500 bunds, added three new grass seed banks, expanded to new countries, and worked hard on our (new) partnerships. Sit back and relax and read all about our highlights of 2020! 


Bringing back 84,000 trees with Winclove Probiotics

03 December 2020

Together with our partner Winclove Probiotics, we’ve started to bring back 84,000 trees in Tanzania this year. By bringing back these trees, we regreen 2100 ha of land: an area almost twice the size of Amsterdam North, the home base of Winclove Probiotics.

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New partner: EarthToday accelerates nature protection at scale

19 November 2020

Recently, we partnered up with EarthToday, a platform that seeks to raise awareness about the state of our planet and accelerate its protection. EarthToday raises funds for various organizations and communities that are involved in nature conservation and recovery, including Justdiggit.


Disclosure Announce Partnership with Justdiggit

17 November 2020

We are proud to announce our brand new partnership with Disclosure. The British electronic music duo joined our team last February on a trip to Tsavo-West in Kenya to learn more about the work the foundation undertakes in order to positively serve the local communities through a number of initiatives. 


‘Green Your Fleet’ platform is now live!

13 October 2020
partners press

Today our partner Webfleet Solutions launches the Green Your Fleet platform. This platform provides an easy-to-use tool that supports fleet customers to offset their carbon emissions to make a positive climate impact.

Webfleet Solutions has already partnered up with us since 2019 to offset its own carbon emissions. The Green Your Fleet initiative is part of Webfleet Solutions’ Green Mission to help build a more sustainable future: with this platform the company aims to offset the carbon emissions from its customers as well. 


Drink & Support Justdiggit

23 April 2020
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Our brand-new partner IZY Bottles sells special “I Support Justdiggit” thermos flasks! These bottles aren’t just sustainable, but their Justdiggit flasks also help you support Justdiggit as 100% of the profit is going to our regreening projects!

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IKEA Foundation grant recipient

28 February 2020
partners press

The Green Future Farming program – an initiative by RAIN, Meta Meta & Justdiggit, is the proud recipient of a grant from the IKEA Foundation. Thanks to our partnership with the IKEA Foundation, we are able to join forces and offer perspective to young farmers in East Africa.

The IKEA Foundation sees the potential in the collaboration between these three parties and how they strengthen each other. Thanks to the IKEA Foundation, GFF is able to ensure water and food security, improve livelihoods, benefiting local economies and positively impacting the regional climate.

Regreening with Webfleet Solutions

19 December 2019

We are proud to announce that our partner Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone Company, has invested in regreening an area in Tanzania that is 4 times larger in size than the center of Amsterdam (3380 ha) – to offset its carbon emissions. By regreening this area, in total around 51,800 tons of CO2 will be sequestrated through bringing back over 130,000 trees. The program not only takes CO2 out of the air, but it also positively impacts the livelihoods of over 18,000 people, saves 700 million liters of water yearly, and restores biodiversity. 

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