Your impact

Your donation will be divided among all our projects, meaning that the donation you make will end up in the project where it is most needed at that moment. Thus, your donation can be used to bring back trees in Tanzania, and/or it can sponsor the women's grass seed project in Kenya and/or regreening land with water bunds.

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This is the decade of doing

We believe in the power of nature and in cooling down the planet together by regreening degraded land and bringing back vegetation.

To give nature a push, we empower and connect a movement of millions. So far, we’ve restored 300,000 hectares, brought back over 9 million trees, and built a grassroots movement that’s growing every day. We believe now is the time to speed up and scale up! No more talking. No more waiting. This is the Decade of Doing. Dig in & cool down the planet with us! Our mission is to regreen Africa before 2030, together with all 350 million farmers, and with you

Our regreening

Grass seed banks


Treecovery, or Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR), is an agroforestry approach to regrow trees and support new, naturally emerging sprouts to grow big.

It involves a process of selecting, pruning and protecting stumps of cut-down trees. With the right care, these stumps get the chance to grow into real trees again.

Women Kisiki Hai


In many African countries there is enough rainfall. It however doesn’t fall often and when it does, it rains hard.

By capturing rainwater with the help of bunds, rainwater has more time to enter the soil and restore the water balance. The seeds in the soil get the chance to sprout, and eventually allow the area to grow green, lush and cool.

Man digging water bund

Grass seed banks

Within our grass seed banks, Maasai women grow, harvest, and sell grass (hay) and seeds.

They make an income by selling them on local markets or to organizations. The grass seed banks form an oasis of green in the barren surroundings, and the hay the women harvest is food for their livestock in dry seas

Women in grass seed bank