December 24, 2019

These are our highlights of 2019

Time flies… when you’re busy regreening! A year packed with digging bunds and bringing back trees is almost over. Time to look back at all our highlights of 2019!


1. Dig | Green | Cool – Kenya

We launched our new regreening platform in 2019. Up to date this already yielded an amazing amount of 15,992 bunds in the Enkii area. WOW! It does not only promote the regreening process within the area, it also positively benefits the farmers who dug the bunds.

Meanwhile the short rains are in full swing, and the bunds are doing great!

Not only within the Enkii area the farmers have been busy digging. Additionally, 6,400 bunds were dug by the Maasai communities in other areas within Kuku, Kenia. In total 120,000 bunds have already been dug since the start of the regreening projects in Kenia. Pretty cool right?

2. KISIKI HAI | GREEN | COOL – Tanzania

In Tanzania we’ve also been busy regreening. Since the start of our project in Dodoma, Tanzania farmers have already brought back the amazing amount of 2.5 million trees with help of Kisiki Hai. And great news: this is only the start! From 2020 onwards we will bring back 10 million extra trees together with our new partner Timberland! Let’s go!

Two years ago these trees where only short tree stumps. They grew little twigs and turned into small bushes. With the help of Kisiki Hai they’ve become actual trees again!

3. DANCE | GREEN | COOL – Kenya, Tanzania & The Netherlands

In 2019, we danced. Hard. On September 14th we danced like we meant it for a greener and cooler climate during The Raindance Project. The festival was held in both Kenya, Tanzania and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Below you find a mood impression of this amazing event. We can’t wait for the next edition!


In 2019 we launched no less than five different campaigns. These campaigns create awareness that a greener earth means a cooler earth. This way we aim to inspire and activate farmers to start regreening.

5. UNITE | GREEN | COOL – Global

In 2019, Justdiggit became an official partner of the UN Environment Programme. This year, the UN has declared 2021-2030 as “The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration“. We partnered up and started a global Regreen Revolution. We also launched the international Green Up to Cool Down Campaign, as together we can regreen and cool down the earth again!

All our highlights at a glance?

Read all our news items or watch our highlights video below. Off to a greener and cooler 2020!