We are in a global
climate crisis.

Luckily, there is a solution!

If we bring back nature on a large enough scale we can positively impact climate change. To cool down the planet we focus on growing our own regreening programs as well as scaling up landscape restoration through media, communication and technology.


*Based on research by The Nature Conservancy
  • 1. Landscape restoration projects
  • 2. Mobilizing farmers to regreen their land
  • 3. Spread awareness on landscape restoration
What we do regreening projects

1. Landscape restoration projects

At a local level. On a huge scale.

All our projects are owned and implemented by communities that live off the land and focus on restoring – thus regreening – dry land. Proven landscape restoration techniques include rainwater harvesting (digging bunds), tree restoration (Treecovery), and developing grass seed banks and are used in order to regreen designated land in a quick, sustainable way. The presence of vegetation keeps the soil healthy and fertile, which allows plants and trees to keep on growing.

This not only improves the land, but also makes a positive impact on people’s livelihoods (water & food security), as well as biodiversity and our climate

What we do mobilizing farmers

2. Mobilizing farmers to regreen their land

Scaling up using media, communication & mobile technology

Time is running out. That’s why we’re mobilizing African farmers beyond our project areas as well. Together with our media partners, people are inspired all throughout Africa with billboards, tv- and radio campaigns, murals, radio shows, ambassadors and many more communication outlets. To scale up even further, we’re in the midst of creating a regreening app which will enable farmers anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa to regreen their land without the need for a physical presence of NGO’s such as ourselves on the ground.

What we do awareness campaigns

3. Spread awareness on landscape restoration

To regreening hearts and minds all around the world

If you really want to make a global change, you need to be everywhere: news, ads, social channels, conversations, and above all in people’s hearts and minds. To do this, we use the power of media and communications to build awareness and understanding on a global scale. These campaigns, created in close collaboration with our partner Havas, show that together we can have a positive and significant impact on climate change and invite everyone to play their part in making this happen in their own way: Dig in!