Blog: Monitoring & Evaluation Marathon

28 November 2018
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You might have read about the Kisiki Hai Tour with which we show our documentary in Tanzanian villages… Last month we have launched something alike: a Monitoring and Evaluation Marathon!

With a minibus we visit 27 villages in the 7 districts where we are active now. Our goal: gather data for a baseline research with which we can monitor and evaluate the re-greening over the years.

Justdiggit Lieke gives you an insight in one of her research days.->

Kisiki Hai Tour

19 November 2018
movement project

Our travelling cinema about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has already been travelling around Dodoma (Tanzania) for almost two months.

During our Kisiki Hai Tour, we visit more than 300 villages together with LEAD Foundation to explain the re-greening method Kisiki Hai through music, dance and video.

See more of this movement! –>

Down to eARTh with the eARThphone

19 November 2018

Artist Judith Dubois has designed and donated a special eARThphone for Justdiggit, made of African earth, river sand and slate.

Judith makes artworks with sand, stones and other natural products. Justdiggit eARThphone is based on the semi-circular bunds that are visible in our projects (in Kuku already invisible due to the returned vegetation!).

The eARThphone gives you the opportunity to break free from the screens in this digital society (Cooling down the people)! Thanks Judith!

Justdiggit interview co-founder & marketing director

09 November 2018
about media

Justdiggit’s ambassador Amara Onwuka interviews co-founder Dennis Karpes and Global Marketing Director Wessel van Eeden about the start of Justdiggit, the progress they made along the way and their positive future ambition.

Our gratitude goes out to NYB Creative Productions for the amazing video and edit.

Interview is in Dutch.

Training the trainer!

08 November 2018

These trees are small now, but will grow into huge giants, thanks to the Kisiki Hai method! Together with Lead Foundation we are training ‘as we speak’ 1,300 farmers this re-greening technique.

We even train them to become trainers so that they can educate their fellow villagers. In this way we can apply the Kisiki Hai method on a large scale and have a huge impact!

Click here to continue reading.

Harvesting the grass seeds!

24 October 2018

The three grass seedbanks in Kuku (Kenya) are doing great in the dry season! Or… should we say.. the three Maasai women groups are doing great!

These women manage the grass seedbanks and just harvested 100 kg of seeds in Moilo, 90 kg in Enkii and in Inkisanjani even 470 kg. Wow! And the harvesting is still in progress, so these numbers are rising! They will earn a substantial income by selling these grass seeds. We are impressed (again) by these women!

Official program launch in Tanzania

18 October 2018

We are upscaling our programs in Tanzania, aiming to re-green an area the size of 20.000 km² by the year 2021!

After a period of testing and developing our new training and movement program in 1 of the 7 districts of Dodoma, Kongwa, we are extremely excited to announce that, together with our local partner the LEAD Foundation, we are upscaling our re-greening program to all the other districts in Dodoma.


Volunteer spotlight!

10 October 2018
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This is Justdiggit volunteer Philip Huis in ‘t Veld. He has been supporting us for years with his post-production expertise. We are extremely grateful for his dedication. Read here how he helps us!

Upscaling in Tanzania & Kenya

04 October 2018

Our programs in Tanzania and Kenya are in full development. In cooperation with our local implementation partners, we are currently scaling up to 7 sub-areas in Tanzania and in Kenya the expansion will start in 2019. We temporarily put Morocco and the West-African countries on hold.

We made the choice to focus on the expansion of our program in Kenya and Tanzania in the coming period. Of course always with a vision of expansion to all other African countries where re-greening is necessary. That is why we have also entered into a partnership with the AFR100, which aims to restore 100 million hectares of landscape by 2030.

Blog: Knowledge exchange in Tanzania

03 October 2018
blog project

What’s better than sharing your knowledge and experience with an enthusiastic and inquisitive group of people from different corners of the country?

Last week our colleague Lieke (who btw speaks almost fluently Swahili!) got the chance to hold such an event in Kongwa, one of our districts in Tanzania. Farmers, Maasai, village leaders and ecovillage project employees from different parts of Tanzania came to visit her and our colleagues from LEAD Foundation.

In Lieke’s blog you can read how she undoubtedly ‘sowed the first seeds’ outside the Dodoma region for a greener Tanzania! ->


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