Flooding in Kenya

30 April 2018

Last week our colleague Sander was on his way to the project areas in Kenya and experienced major flooding as you can see in the video.

It is a common misconception to think there is no rainfall in dry areas. Drought and flooding are more connected than you might think. It does not rain often, but when it does, the rain is so intense that it flushes away the fertile soil and causes downstream flooding. This is one of the reasons why we need to continue with our interventions: retaining rainwater for preventing erosion, flooding and land degradation.

Blog: Start of Young Expert Programme

12 April 2018

Godlove and Lieke, two young experts, just started working in our project area in Tanzania. How it all started? It began with YEP: A programme for young talents in the Agrofood & Water sector. Dutch and international experts are trained, supported and funded for 1-2 years in a developing country of the organisation. Read about their training in the Netherlands ->

The traveling cinema in Tanzania

04 April 2018
documentary movement project

Our ‘Kisiki Hai’ caravan about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has been traveling around Central Tanzania for one month already, and in two months’ time it will visit 60 villages.

Today it is Iyumbwi village’s turn! The film inspires and activates farmers how they can re-green their land and make their land suitable to grow food again. Have a look here on how the whole village gets together!

Justdiggit brings fashion statement

20 March 2018
media movement

They are available from the first day of spring: Our own fashion statement T-shirts. Designed by Antoine Peters, produced by the Dutch denim brand Kuyichi Pure Goods.

A unique collaboration with an impressive product as a result. Curious what they look like? ->

Timelapse water bunds

15 March 2018

Our rain water harvesting bunds are doing well in Kuku, Kenya!

Next phase in Kenya!

02 March 2018

In the documentary Seeds of Change you saw the first re-greening results of the Justdiggit projects in the south of Kenya. Of course, we like to expand this success further!

Therefore we entered the next phase together with our partners Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) and the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET). This means new projects that consist of a combination of interventions, including digging thousands of water bunds and starting grass seed banks.

Read and view the activities here->

Farmers trained in Kongwa!

31 January 2018
movement project

Last week our partner LEAD Foundation trained 240 farmers on how to maintain and re-green their land. With this knowledge they go back to their own villages to train the other farmers. A train-the-trainer program! With this word of mouth information ánd the training documentary we made, we aim to reach 180,000 people in this first phase of the program.

Interview with our project manager

26 January 2018
about media project

“We are trying to break the vicious circle and have a positive effect on the regional climate,” says Niels Dierckx, project manager at Justdiggit. He was interviewed this month by touroperator Raptim Travel, who takes care of our flights to Africa.

Niels thinks it is time to share positive and hopeful insights when it comes to climate change!
Read the whole interview in the Customer Focus: Justdiggit.

Behind the scenes: film recording in Tanzania

10 January 2018
documentary movement project

As we drive up the last part of the hill after a bumpy ride with the car, we see a few people rushing in our direction with some plastic chairs. The big family (including pig, goats, chickens and cows) already expected us and welcomes us with big smiles, curious looks and ..  chairs to sit on. I am immediately moved by their hospitality! We meet a young farmer (and his proud father) who becomes the main character of a film. A film by and for farmers in the Dodoma region with the ultimate goal: improving the soil and re-greening the land!… View the images ->

Documentary Seeds of Change

18 December 2017
media movement project

Our brand new documentary Seeds of Change can be viewed online now! It’s the sequel of our documentary Rainmakers, which was nominated for different prizes and won the Best Documentary Award at the My Hero International Film Festival in Los Angeles. With Seeds of Change we show the progress we’ve made since then.


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