Kids College Rotterdam Zoo

08 June 2018

Last month a Justdiggit lecture was given again at the Rotterdam Zoo, this time by teacher Boy.

He shows you how rainwater flows without digging and when bunds have been dug in advance. Teacher Boy aroused a lot of interest among the children (and ofcourse among the adults), through the fun green experiments he performed.

Recycled phones introduced in Tanzanian program

30 May 2018
movement project

As part of our re-greening project in Tanzania, we handed out smartphones to our 240 Kisiki Hai facilitators in the Kongwa district.

It will help them to track the progress their fellow farmers are making and to see how much land already has been restored. And the great thing is: all the facilitators give the phone a second life, because they originally come from the Dutch Railway Company NS. This is made possible by the organization Closing the Loop. A smart way to use used smartphones right?!

Click here to read the whole story!

Newly designed shovels

29 May 2018

In the past month we have been able to complement our eARTh collection with very meaningful designed shovels. This time Belgian artists started working with our icon ‘the shovel’.

With this project we want to create awareness, because by simply digging with a shovel we make the earth greener. Click here for the collection->

Tap water project

24 May 2018

Since this week our partner Lokaal Edel from, among others, chef and Justdiggit ambassador Jonathan Karpathios, pours tap water in Justdiggit glassware. A voluntary contribution is requested for the water, which benefits our projects. This way, Dutch tap water slowly turns into rainwater.

Regreening results in Kongwa

16 May 2018

Our colleague Lieke, who lives and works in the project area Dodoma (Tanzania), just sent us pictures from a successful adoption of the FMNR technique by the St Phillips College. And of course we need to share this regreening result! The college has started with conserving and regrowing trees since 2000. Read the whole story here ->

In full bloom

09 May 2018

Thanks to a training in sowing and harvesting techniques, the newly planted grass seed banks in the Kenyan villages of Inkisanjani and Enkii are already in full bloom! The living environment of these local Maasai women’s groups not only re-green, the women also have an extra income because they can sell the seeds and grasses.

Green oasis in Amsterdam

30 April 2018
media movement

Perhaps you have seen the ‘big’ canvas at the Stadshouderskade in Amsterdam. blowUP Media and Havas Lemz (literally) enlarged the visibility of our campaign in the city centre for a couple of weeks.

We are extremely grateful to these partners and our passionate ambassadors for creating awareness for our programs and organization.

Flooding in Kenya

30 April 2018

Last week our colleague Sander was on his way to the project areas in Kenya and experienced major flooding as you can see in the video.

It is a common misconception to think there is no rainfall in dry areas. Drought and flooding are more connected than you might think. It does not rain often, but when it does, the rain is so intense that it flushes away the fertile soil and causes downstream flooding. This is one of the reasons why we need to continue with our interventions: retaining rainwater for preventing erosion, flooding and land degradation.

Blog: Start of Young Expert Programme

12 April 2018

Godlove and Lieke, two young experts, just started working in our project area in Tanzania. How it all started? It began with YEP: A programme for young talents in the Agrofood & Water sector. Dutch and international experts are trained, supported and funded for 1-2 years in a developing country of the organisation. Read about their training in the Netherlands ->

The traveling cinema in Tanzania

04 April 2018
documentary movement project

Our ‘Kisiki Hai’ caravan about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has been traveling around Central Tanzania for one month already, and in two months’ time it will visit 60 villages.

Today it is Iyumbwi village’s turn! The film inspires and activates farmers how they can re-green their land and make their land suitable to grow food again. Have a look here on how the whole village gets together!


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