Kisiki Hai

Start making your own land fertile again with underneath instructions, videos, posters and a radio show!










Benefits of Kisiki Hai

A positive impact

Improve your soil! Applying the method Kisiki Hai has many different benefits. The farmers in the video tell you all about it. The trees bring you:


Instruction Kisiki Hai

Get started!

Want to learn how you can apply Kisiki Hai on your own land? Watch the instruction movie! The technique consists of four different steps:

1. CHAgua: select the stumps you want to protect;

2. POgolea: select the best few stems of the stump and cut all the others;

3. Alama: put a mark by tightening a colorful piece of fabric around the stems that you want to let grow;

4. TUnza: keep protecting the trees throughout the year!

Easy reminder: CHAPOA TU!


Let's regreen together!

Many of your fellow farmers also started to regeen and thereby improve their land. That means that you are part of a big regreening movement! Congratulations! Together we can make Tanzania as the garden of Eden!

Jalome Sailowa a farmer from Mnyakongo village in Dodoma said:

“We used to cut down trees to make room for farming/crops. Unfortunately, there was a decrease in productivity and an increase of soil erosion. Through LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit, we have embraced restoration approaches like Kisiki Hai that nourish soils, improve our food security and livelihood.”



A caption of the Kisiki Hai steps

Do you want a short caption of all the Kisiki Hai steps? The Kisiki Hai poster and flyer give you a reminder of all the different steps. Download them below.


Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini

Do it yourself!

With these methods you dig contours within your farmland in order to harvest rainwater. Fanya Chini prevents the rain falling outside of your farm from entering the farm, inhibiting erosion of the fertile soil. Fanya Juu prevents the rain falling within your farm to flood away, increasing the water availability for the crops on your land. In the end it helps you to regreen your own land!

Want to learn the steps of this rainwater harvesting method? ->



Farm Radio

Learn how to regreen via the radio

Together with Farm Radio International and Dodoma FM we have developed a special farm radioshow, which has been broadcasted all over the Dodoma region. Within the show you learn more about climate change, the positive effects of Kisiki Hai and how to do it yourself. The show is filled with interviews with experts, panel discussions, drama, comedy and listeners questions, all related to Kisiki Hai.

Download and listen to the 16 radio episodes below!



LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit

LEAD Foundation, located in Dodoma, Tanzania, knows everything about nature conservation and education. Justdiggit restores degraded areas in Africa using a diverse range of regreening techniques, media and mobile technology. Together we regreen degraded areas in Tanzania, positively impacting nature, biodiversity and people. Our mission is to inspire and activate millions of farmers to start regreening, transforming large areas of dry land into green and fertile areas.

Are you joining as well? Start regreening your land and join Jaymondy in the Regreen Revolution!

Questions or comments? Please contact LEAD Foundation:

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