Bund training

12 October 2015

Last week the supervisors of our local partner MWCT have been trained on digging semi-circular bunds.

They are trained in bund design to take care of optimal water catchment. Now they are ready for the job to train and supervise 100 casual workers from the local Maasai communities to dig 16,000 bunds in the Kuku area, covering 10km². This is the first and largest rainwater harvesting project in the region and an example of how to rehabilitate degraded land with simple techniques. Justdiggit!

Now let’s hope for a good rainy season!

Re-greening Amboseli

12 October 2015

As one of the main partner in the Amboseli Ecosystem restoration plan, Justdiggit leads 2 major interventions –>


Planning the Moroccan corridor

02 October 2015

Justdiggit is looking into initiating its second Hydrologic corridor in western Africa and we focussed our initial desk studies on Morocco as we see great opportunities in this region. The geophysical conditions and social economic situation in Morocco are very suitable. There is a major issue with land degradation and the government is very active in combatting this problem and has been doing so for many years…. Read more!!


Pilot identification Trip Amboseli

03 August 2015

After signing the Amboseli re-greening project contract, all involved local partners (AET, ACC, ACP, KWS, and Big Life) organized a first plot identification trip.

The launching of the re-greening project started with a brief talk by Dr. Westerns to the project team to explain the purpose of the identification trip; earmarking the fenced woodland plots and to shortly describe how the future will look like after project implementation.

E-rally 2015 raises 73,000 euro for Justdiggit

16 July 2015

We are so happy with this year’s E-rally, an amazing event where we raised €73,000 for our projects, thanks to all participants, sponsors and especially the E-rally crew!


Signing contract pilot project Amboseli

13 June 2015

On 13th of June we met Kenya Wildlife Services (occasionally over for a congress) live in The Netherlands to sign the contract for the Amboseli pilot project.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) conserves and manages Kenya’s wildlife for the Kenyan people and the world in the national parks. Together with Justdiggit, KWS restores lost woodland forest habitats in the Amboseli National Park.

Start pilot project Kuku

05 June 2015

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, in partnership with Justdiggit, develops a small-scale grass seed bank land restoration project in area of Moilo on Kuku Group Ranch.

Reason for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust to start the project is the decrease of the productivity of the pastures of Kuku Group Ranch during the last decades, reducing the amount of livestock the rangeland can carry and is thereby directly affecting the main source of income for the predominantly pastoralist Maasai community living in the area.

The project doubles as a women empowerment program. The 15-acre grass seed bank pilot project will tie into existing MWCT restoration activities and 12,000-acre conservancy areas. The grass seed bank project will contribute to the holistic vision that MWCT has implemented in its’ land restoration goals, and will act as a service provided to the local community.



Wageningen scientific partner

15 May 2015

Last week, we signed our official collaboration with Wageningen University. We are proud and happy to call them our partner from now on!

Wageningen will help Justdiggit by researching the impact of our work.


Cycling in support of Justdiggit

10 May 2015

Yes! Fun & Fundraising can go hand in hand.

Today, our Justdiggit team cycled the 75k of the Ronde van Nijmegen (Tour of Nijmegen) together with ambassador Floortje Dessing, cyclist Theo de Rooij and supporters of our cause. We even got to give a bike by Veloretti Bicycles Amsterdam away ánd raised nearly €10,000! Great day. Big thanks to everyone involved!


Our team arrived in Kenya!

21 January 2015

Yesterday they met with Chelipeacock and the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust who coordinate conservation proceedings in the park. They are a new partner and together we aim to set up a new project this year.



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