Succesful pilot tapwater project

23 September 2016

Turning Dutch tap water into rainwater, that’s how our restaurant campaign works. Several restaurants support our campaign by asking a small amount of money for the tap water. All proceeds go straight to Justdiggit’s water projects!

Landgoed Groenendaal‘s owner Hein Uitendaal came up with the idea, he’s been doing it for a year and has raised € 3,000! Our ambassador Amara Onwuka received the cheque for us.


Amboseli project is finished!

22 September 2016

We proudly announce the final delivery of our Amboseli re-greening project in Kenya within time and budget! Together with our local implementation partners AET and ACC we re-greened 8km2 in the Amboseli national park through….


20 Research students in Tanzania

11 August 2016

20 students of the Erasmus University are conducting research in order to clarify the social economic benefits of the Justdiggit Hydrologic Corridor program.

It is part of the collaboration between Justdiggit and the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam. Read more about their research focus!


Six new Olopololi Plots

25 July 2016

Establishment of more olopololis by the local communities is one of the visible impacts of the project.

As a result of the project success and realization of good grass cover in Amboseli Kenya, the local communities re-adapted the concept and established an extra 6 other olopololis in Imbirikani area alone.


Hydrologic Corridor Animation

14 July 2016

Our solution is clear, simple and starts with a shovel. Well, it looks simple, it’s all scientifically proven and based on lots and lots of research. We have created an animation that bridges the gap between science and simplicity and to show the link between our iconic shovel and our solution for global warming: the Hydrologic Corridor.


Justdiggit Commercial

09 July 2016

We proudly present our brand new commercial! Made completely free of charge with the most renowned agencies regarding creation, production, social media and exposure.


Kenia Travel blog: Suzanne van Duijn

17 June 2016

Suzanne won a trip to our projects in Kenya, thanks to Getaway Travel. She made a vlog, which you can see below. On her website you can also read her blog about Justdiggit’s projects in Amboseli and Kuku, and about her own experience of course!


Report and final blog Femke

14 June 2016

“What I most remember from Kuku is the rapid change from an arid dry sand pit to a green oasis. And then when no rain falls, back again to withered vegetation. To be quite honest, I was sceptic at the beginning of the project…”

Read her full last blog and report! –>

E-Rally 2016

31 May 2016

What a great weekend and result with the E-rally 2016! 34,700 euro for our Morocco project!

We want to thank Foundation E-rally, all sponsors, Tesla, Amara Onwuka, Reinier van den Berg, Florian Wolff, Dj Helt and all participants for this great result, see you on May 20th 2017!


Blog Femke – Let the rains begin!

10 May 2016

I am more than a month in Kuku and the research setup is ready…. Read Femkes new blog!



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