Blog Femke – Let the rains begin!

10 May 2016

I am more than a month in Kuku and the research setup is ready…. Read Femkes new blog!


Kuku update

12 April 2016

Rainwater harvesting is at the heart of what we do. It has been done for thousands of years and looking at these pictures makes you understand why;  the water doesn’t run off and is allowed to infiltrate the soils and create vegetation and water supply.

Blog Femke & Olivier -Second week in Kenya

01 April 2016

The weeks in Amboseli have flown by. Still no rain, but it feels that I have landed in the Lion King! Everywhere are animals, especially baboons, zebras, elephants, giraffes, buffalo and wildebeests. It is actually rather difficult to not see any animals, even if you want to. We found a driver that….

Alterra report Wageningen University

22 March 2016

The Alterra report researched by our consortium partner Wageningen University is online now. In this report you can read the objective prioritization of intervention areas for our foundation in the Kenya Tanzania border area.

It’s quite a read, but definitely worth it!

Blog Femke & Olivier – Our first week in Kenya!

17 March 2016

Femke and I have been in Kenya for a week already and have seen a great deal! Read our first blog!

Animation Hydrologic Corridor

09 March 2016
movement project

Although climate change is a difficult problem, we offer a simple solution. The video explains how we use a shovel to combat climate change.

Kuku project update!

04 March 2016

We made some incredible progress in Kuku! Many smile shaped bunds have been digged, the bunds allow water to seep intro the soil and allow vegetation to return. In total we will dig 72,000 of these bunds, that’s what we call kickstarting Mother Nature!


Bund training

12 October 2015

Last week the supervisors of our local partner MWCT have been trained on digging semi-circular bunds.

They are trained in bund design to take care of optimal water catchment. Now they are ready for the job to train and supervise 100 casual workers from the local Maasai communities to dig 16,000 bunds in the Kuku area, covering 10km². This is the first and largest rainwater harvesting project in the region and an example of how to rehabilitate degraded land with simple techniques. Justdiggit!

Now let’s hope for a good rainy season!

Re-greening Amboseli

12 October 2015

As one of the main partner in the Amboseli Ecosystem restoration plan, Justdiggit leads 2 major interventions –>


Planning the Moroccan corridor

02 October 2015

Justdiggit is looking into initiating its second Hydrologic corridor in western Africa and we focussed our initial desk studies on Morocco as we see great opportunities in this region. The geophysical conditions and social economic situation in Morocco are very suitable. There is a major issue with land degradation and the government is very active in combatting this problem and has been doing so for many years…. Read more!!



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