Kuku in the rainy season

25 December 2016

We’ve just received these pictures from Kenya and we are extremely proud to show them! You can clearly see that the bunds we have dug are retaining the rainwater and allow vegetation to grow back. These photo’s show hard work pays off. And it hasn’t even rained a lot!

Interview with ambassador André Kuipers & Co-founder Dennis Karpes

02 December 2016

Another great interview with our co-founder Dennis Karpes. This time in luxury magazine Belafonte, together with our amazing ambassador André Kuipers.

Read all about Justdiggit’s projects and movement, our ambitions in the U.S.A. and why astronaut André Kuipers is our ambassador.

See also the ambitions we have already realized in Africa and the ambassadors that helped with it.


Webinar Microclimate

02 December 2016

In a webinar, Frank van Steenbergen (MetaMeta) and Sander de Haas (Justdiggit) discussed the various components of microclimate, the factors that influence it, and practical actions we can take to manage the microclimate to increase the resilience of our agricultural systems.

In the webinar, they explored interventions that affect the microclimate, to build the resilience of productive functions in a landscape.

Blog Mark Wildschut: Morocco

15 November 2016
blog project

The chaos surrounding the Medina (old town) caught me by surprise whilst I disembarked the bus from the Marrakesh airport. A somewhat elderly man riding a cart and wagon was non-verbally communicating with a group of honking youngsters on their scooters which continued maneuvering agile between the mass of people in the narrow streets. I confirmed to myself that we made the right decision……. Read his full blog and learn more about our project in Morocco!



06 November 2016

November 7 2016 is the start of the 22nd COP in Marrakesh. Since ‘95 this conference takes place to talk about climate change, but large-scale actions have yet to be seen. Justdiggit and their partner BlowUp Media, think it’s time for action and created an international COP-campaign. ‘Juststopit’ is set up to raise worldwide awareness for less talking, more action. The campaign runs on large mediascreens in Marrakesh, The Netherlands and England, but also online, influencer content and a social media campaign.

Find out more about the campaign…..

Signed Memorandum of Understanding for Hydrologic Corridor in Tanzania

03 November 2016

Great news: Permanent Secretary of the Vice President’s Office Mbarak Abdulwakil has signed the Memorandum of Understanding for developing a Hydrologic Corridor in Tanzania!

We will start with the first phase of the Hydrologic Corridor  program with a  project with a periphery of 3,000 ha. Beginning of 2017 we will research the interventions types for this area.

Let’s cool down this planet!


Co-Founder Justdiggit Dennis Karpes in ELLE Magazine

28 October 2016

Dennis Karpes, co-founder of Justdiggit, was interviewed for ELLE! Dennis tells about how Justdiggit came into existence, and how he turns his dreams into reality by making a difference!

ELLE Magazine interview

The man who wanted to change the world

14 October 2016

Yesterday Human broadcasted a documentary on Dutch television made by independent film maker Mariëtte Faber about Peter Westerveld, co-founder of Justdiggit. The documentary shows Peter’s idea of the Hydrologic Corridor and his way towards executing it. Unfortunately Peter has passed away, but with our projects in Kenya and starting projects in Tanzania we are still carrying his thoughts and are aiming to keep the snow on the Kilimanjaro.

Read the story about the history of Justdiggit

Erasmus empirical case study of the socio-economic environment Tanzania

24 September 2016

Erasmus students went to Tanzania to clarify the social economic benefits of the Justdiggit Hydrologic Corridor program.

The conclusion of their research is that Justdiggit’s Hydrologic Corridor program has a positive impact on…. ->

Succesful pilot tapwater project

23 September 2016

Turning Dutch tap water into rainwater, that’s how our restaurant campaign works. Several restaurants support our campaign by asking a small amount of money for the tap water. All proceeds go straight to Justdiggit’s water projects!

Landgoed Groenendaal‘s owner Hein Uitendaal came up with the idea, he’s been doing it for a year and has raised € 3,000! Our ambassador Amara Onwuka received the cheque for us.



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