Air Miles Charity Partner

01 June 2017

From June 1 2017 Justdiggit has become an official charity partner of Air Miles. Air Miles is the oldest and largest national loyalty program in The Netherlands and has millions of participants. Air Miles allows consumers to save and redeem Air Miles at many different well know Dutch retailers with attractive redemption options. Justdiggit is proud to be part of their program!

You can donate your Air Miles easily to Justdiggit. With only 1,200 Air Miles you can already re-green 100 m2 and with 60,000 Air Miles you can re-green an entire soccer field!

So if you live in The Netherlands make sure you (re)activate your Air Miles card and start saving Air Miles to help create a greener and cooler planet. Are you already saving Air Miles? You can easily donate them here to Justdiggit.

Let’s make some miles together!

Spot the difference in Kuku

25 May 2017

We just came back from Kenya and look what we saw! Green everywhere!  The raining season has just begon and we are very excited to already see the results from our effort.


NRC Charity Awards Nominations

16 April 2017

We are nominated for the NRC Charity Awards! The Dutch Newspaper NRC launched these awards to support charities to reach a bigger audience and attract more donors.

Every nominated charity will work together with students at the Willem de Kooning Academie to create a communication campaign. These new talents are guided by creatives Pim Gerrits and Maarten van de Vijfeijken. We are already happy with this nomination, but with their support we are going for the main prize!

SDG Charter

29 March 2017

Fantastic news! Justdiggit has teamed up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Charter . This is a collaboration of Dutch businesses, NGOs and the government that work together to tackle global issues and meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

As the Justdiggit projects have a direct and positive impact on many of the goals, we are proud to be part of this charter!

Have a look here for the SDGs we contribute to!

Tanzania Update

03 March 2017

Last October we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Tanzania. At the end of January we have visited the area and researched where to develop our first project as part of the Hydrologic Corridor.

It is in the Mtanana area in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. This is a dry area where the farmers do small-scale farming and keep livestock. Crop yields are currently under pressure and there is overgrazing. There is little rain, and when it rains it is often very intense making it impossible to infiltrate in the soil; it flushes away the fertile soil, and causes erosion and down stream flooding.

It is clear that we have a lot of work to do! Our planning is to start this summer with re-greening, Read more about our Tanzania project.

New Advisory Board Member

13 February 2017

We are very proud to announce a new member of our Advisory Board: Dennis Kuperus – CEO Kinetic Benelux & Nordic and Global Head of Innovation.

Find out more about our new member!

Special weather forecast

31 January 2017
movement project

Have you watched the weather forecast today? We sure did! Presenter, weather expert and our ambassador Amara Onwuka did a special forecast on climate change and Justdiggit’s solution to mitigate it.

Project eARTh U.S.A.

30 January 2017

In March our eARTh project will be exhibited thanks to Misho from Misho Gallery in San Francisco!

Misho himself made his own beautiful design of our icon: the shovel. Together with other ‘shovel designs’ by renowned American artists as Johnny Botts, John Kraft, Yari Ostovani, Paul Morin, Gordon Huether, and Chad Glashoff, we create awareness for climate change with this exhibition.

View here all the unique shovels that have been created by the artists


Overview campaign 2016

02 January 2017

Besides our projects, we’re very proud of our “Cooling down the planet” campaign in 2016 and the fully sponsored media reach that goes with it! We were able to reach millions of people in different countries via TV, radio, Out-of-home, cinema and online. Thanks to our many partners who supported us completely free of charge!

Find here our campaign with Desmond Tutu, André Kuipers and Floortje Dessing

Documentary Rainmakers

30 December 2016
documentary movement

Our short documentary “Rainmakers” is online! This short video shows the project in progress, digging 72.000 bunds to harvest rainwater and restore the degraded lands.

A special thanks to our partners Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and Amboseli Ecosystem Trust who made this possible. And to Safi Graauw and Marc Haers for making this beautiful docu with us!


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